Let me make it clear on how to Mount HDTV Antenna to Satellite Dish: No Rewiring Required

Let me make it clear on how to Mount HDTV Antenna to Satellite Dish: No Rewiring Required

So, you are having a jump and after switching from satellite to over-the-air television and most likely some form of streaming solution. I am really therefore excited for you personally. It is maybe not just a process that is tough you are able to save your self lots of money but cutting the cable. It is possible to read exactly how we conserved $1400 per year but cutting cable and nevertheless get real time activities and television plus a lot of on-demand programs and films. Oahu is the move that is best we have manufactured in a number of years! Element of exactly what made the switch very easy had been using our existing satellite meal mount and grounded coax cable to instantly wire your whole home for the brand brand new OTA (over-the-air) antenna for regional stations. It absolutely was low priced, quick, and then we don’t want to fill holes or drill paltalk signin more holes inside our roof or run wiring through our whole home. Superb. Here is just how to mount HDTV antenna to satellite dish in under thirty minutes without any homely household wiring required!

Simple tips to Mount HDTV Antenna to Satellite Dish

As soon as we had been training how exactly to cut cable, one of the most significant concerns had been exactly how we would get TV to all or any the TVs inside our home without rewiring your whole destination. I happened to be looking for techniques to DIY the ditching that is whole procedure so employing you to definitely rewire the house had not been ideal. Then It took place for me, your house happens to be wired for the meal on top so we wouldn’t need to rewire anything if we use that coax cable for the OTA antenna. Bingo. Smartest choice immediately.

We began searching into exactly how we could perhaps make that happen ideally it could have already been awesome to utilize the satellite that is actual for the antenna while not having to do much modification after all.

Can a satellite dish be applied as an antenna?

Can a satellite dish be properly used as an antenna? Well, theoretically no. You could get COMPLIMENTARY TV making use of your existing dish mount and wiring by buying A ota that is inexpensive antenna. I would ike to walk you through just how to transform satellite meal to television antenna.

Simple tips to Convert Satellite Dish to television Antenna in under 30 Minutes

I must say I don’t wish to poke more holes within our roof and I also don’t want numerous, unsightly, TV-related things on top, but We additionally don’t like to get rid of the old meal and need certainly to fill those holes. And so the best answer would be to figure a way out to mount OTA antenna on satellite dish it self. As it happens that is pretty simple.

Mount OTA Antenna on Satellite Dish

it should be stated, it is far better only perform work you’re confident with. We suggest you contact a licensed professional for installation on a roof or someplace from the reach. Factual Fairytale just isn’t accountable for any event occurring while mounting your OTA antenna.

Step one: Determine television Tower Number and Purchase OTA Antenna

To begin with, you ought to check out this amazing site to decide how far away your television towers come from your property. Then you definitely’ll want to buy an OTA antenna with a variety more than your farthest television tower. Ours had been about 30 miles away so we ordered this antenna with a selection of 50 kilometers. It took about five minutes maximum to place it together.

Step two: eliminate Cap from Arm of Satellite Dish to reveal Coax Cable

There is probably just 1 bolt keeping the end limit from the supply for the meal. Unscrew that and pull the final end cap down. Inside you are going to start to see the coax cable screwed in to the arm that is dish. Unscrew the cable and pull it from the arm that is dish. Hold onto the cable, you’ll want it again in step to mount HDTV antenna to satellite dish pole.

Step three: Remove Dish from Mount Pole

Next, you are able to eliminate the actual dish portion from the pole it is attached to. Ours had 3 bolts keeping it set up. Loosen these and carry the meal from the pole. You are through using the dish so set it out from the method. My hubby cheerfully tossed it down our 2 roof that is story.

Step four: Attach Coax Cable to Antenna

Simply take the coax cable which was attached to the satellite meal and screw it in to the antenna that is new. Straightforward as that. Now every cable socket which was wired for the dish is currently wired for the antenna. and, because precisely what operates during your outside box that is electrical already grounded, there isn’t any additional work to do. No rewiring, no operating cables, you don’t need to ground a brand new antenna. Very easy, so awesome.

Action 5: Mount HDTV Antenna to Satellite Dish Pole

Now, to install the OTA antenna on satellite meal, slip the antenna bracket that is mounting the mounting pole and tighten the bolts that was included with your antenna.

If for whatever reason your antenna will not fit the dish mount pole on, you could get a fitting from your own neighborhood equipment shop to modify the pole bigger or smaller. Remember to gauge the diameter of mount pole plus the diameter for the antenna mount opening you need so you know what size fitting.

Action 6: aim Antenna in direction of Local television Towers

Keep in mind that internet site you accustomed get the location of one’s neighborhood television towers? In addition it informs you the way you ought to aim your antenna for most useful reception. Utilizing a compass or compass application for a smartphone, point the antenna into the proper level mark for the neighborhood TV towers. Many must certanly be in comparable areas within a downtown area.

To make use of the antenna software in your smartphone, down load and start the app. Then, maintaining your phone flat or parallel towards the ground, using the the top of phone pointing away until it is indicating the correct degree location of your TV towers (example 270 degrees) that you found using the website above from you, rotate your phone. Aim your antenna into the same way as your phone.

Action 7: look for stations on All TV’s that is connected

Look for the stations in your television to ensure it is getting everything within range. You might need certainly to somewhat adjust your antenna way to get all of the networks you would like.

Factual Suggestion: it will help to own 1 person channels that are checking and 1 individual adjusting the antenna while interacting via phone and that means you do not need to be running backwards and forwards. Additionally, for reasons uknown, our TVs all acquired a few more networks after being installed for the day or two.

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