I-V Curves: Helpful Tips to Measurement. Measuring and Analysing an I-V Curve

I-V Curves: Helpful Tips to Measurement. Measuring and Analysing an I-V Curve

An I-V bend (brief for ‘current-voltage characteristic bend’), is just a graphical representation for the relationship involving the voltage used across a power unit while the up-to-date flowing through it. It really is the most typical ways of determining just exactly exactly how a electric unit functions in a circuit. Key properties of gadgets can additionally be obtained from the form and information on the bend, allowing greater understanding of their procedure.

You will find as numerous several types of I-V bend as you will find various kinds of gadgets, and their forms can be extremely various.

An I-V curve dimension is done through the use of a number of voltages towards the unit. at each and every voltage, the present flowing through the unit is calculated. The provided voltage is calculated by way of a voltmeter connected in parallel to your unit, while the present is calculated by an ammeter linked in show. A typical example of this set up is shown within the diagram below.

Circuit diagram for the I-V measurement of a resistor.

The dimension may also be done employing a supply measure product , an unit effective at simultaneously supplying voltage and calculating present with a high precision.

The voltages utilized in an I-V dimension generally rely upon the certain unit being tested. For instance, a solar mobile may be tested between -1 V and 1 V, whilst an LED can use an increased array of 0 V to 10 V.

Sometimes using a voltage can modify the electronic properties of a tool. This may result in the present to improve with time, even if the voltage is held constant. As a result, often a pause is required by us between establishing a voltage and calculating the existing.

A fundamental facet of the procedure of a computer can be deduced through the position associated with the bend in the I-V graph. An I-V graph can be put into quadrants round the axes, as shown within the diagram regarding the right. The quadrants which a computer device’s bend passes through reveals if it is a dynamic or device that is passive.

A computer device having a bend this is certainly just in Quadrants we and III – where both present and voltage have a similar polarity (i.e. are both good or both negative) – is really a passive unit. Products such as this make use of the electric power associated with circuit.

A tool by having a bend in Quadrants II and IV – where present and voltage have actually contrary polarities – can be an active unit. a working unit produces electrical energy while in these quadrants.

Samples of I-V Curves


A resistor is amongst the easiest gadgets, and so has among the i-V curves that are simplest. It’s a right line which intercepts the foundation and passes through Quadrants We and III – building a resistor a passive unit. The present at each and every voltage is proportional towards the resistance after Ohm’s legislation: we = V / R. Therefore, the gradient associated with the line is corresponding to 1 / R, allowing the opposition become obtained from the I-V curve.

I-V bend of an ideal resistor


A diode is a semiconducting device which just permits present to flow through it within one direction. This is often observed in the curve that is i-V. At good voltages, the bend rises exponentially, showing that present is liberated to move through these devices. At negative voltages, the existing stays nearly at zero. But, a adequately big voltage that is negativereferred to as ‘breakdown voltage’) can cause the diode to be conductive to negative present. Much like a resistor, a passive unit, running only within Quadrants we and III.

I-V bend of the diode.

Solar Cell

A cell that is solar an unit that utilizes sunshine to make electricity. At nighttime, its behavior is just like compared to a diode. But, whenever illuminated, the curve that is i-V downwards into quadrant IV. This is why a solar cellular a working unit. When running in this quadrant, the solar mobile materials electric power towards the circuit that it’s linked to. A few key properties of a cell that is solar be extracted from its I-V bend.

I-V bend of a cell that is solar.

As an example, the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit present will be the values of which the curve that is i-V the x and y axes respectively. Moreover, the gradient regarding the bend at each and every true point enables you to estimate the series and shunt resistances. If you want to characterise solar mobile products, the Ossila Solar Cell I-V Test System is an instant and simple solution to begin.

To learn more about the dimension and analysis of solar panels, see our ell that is solar guide.

I-V Measurements because of the Ossila Supply Measure Product

Making it simpler to perform I-V dimensions with this supply Measure product , Ossila is promoting the I-V Curve PC pc software, which allows you to get started doing your Ossila supply Measure product more quickly. You can easily install this computer pc pc software 100% free on our Software & Drivers web page.

Ossila I-V Curve Computer Software.

Whenever used in combination with the foundation Measure device , the I-V Curve PC pc software will assist you to:

  • Perform I-V measurements between -10 V and 10 V, with voltage action sizes only 333 ВµV.
  • Measure currents that are low an precision of В±10 nA, or high currents as much as В±150 mA.
  • Customise your measurements by changing the full time between using a voltage and calculating present (settle time).
  • Just just Take more measurements that are advanced the hysteresis I-V choice, that will perform dimensions both in ahead and reverse guidelines.
  • The application can perform a measurement that is i-v one SMU channel, whilst simultaneously providing a voltage through one other SMU channel – allowing a wider assortment of experiments become done.
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  • Dimension information and settings are saved to .csv files for simple analysis and record maintaining. Settings pages could be conserved into the computer computer computer computer software, rendering it safer to duplicate dimensions.

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